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Dog Policy

Thank you for choosing to stay at Mansfield Lakeside Holiday Park. To ensure the comfort, enjoyment, and safety of all the guests staying with us, we have established a set of clear and enforceable rules to ensure that all dog owners take responsibility and will act responsibly regarding the actions and behaviour of their dog. Pets are not permitted in any of the Cabins. We do not accept pets over peak periods, holiday periods, long weekends, and special events. Please also be aware that failure to adhere the following rules you will be asked to leave the park immediately without refund or recourse

  • You must inform management prior to confirming the booking that you understand these rules and accept them.

  • Dogs must not be aggressive or act aggressively – they should not bark at people, cars, children, bikes, other dogs or at night. (minimal levels of barking is tolerated) The dog owner must agree that the park owner/manager reserves the right to evict any guests whose dog is deemed noisy, disruptive, or aggressive. It is the dog owner’s responsibility and the dog owner’s alone to control and manage their dog. If in the view of the park management this has not happened to an acceptable level the owner and the dog may be evicted from the park, without warning, immediately at the manager’s discretion, without refund.

  • The dog must be leashed and always supervised while on park grounds. No exceptions. A leash must be no more than 3 metres in length. This includes no dog ‘runs’ to be set up. These leashes must prevent the dog leaving your site.

  • Supervised means not left alone in a car/van/tent etc.

  • Dogs must be in good health, wormed, vaccinated, debugged, not carrying transferrable diseases etc. If the dog has major illness, please inform staff so we can manage it responsibly.

  • For health and safety reasons dogs are not allowed in the following areas of the park: pool area, camp kitchen, amenities, reception, laundry.

  • For health and safety reasons dogs must not be washed or cleaned anywhere within the park. Additionally, any dog related accessories such dog blankets, etc should not be washed or cleaned within the park.

  • Dog owners are 100% responsible for picking up and disposing of their dog’s or pet’s waste. Please use a sealed plastic bag and then place in one of the bins.

  • Dog owners are personally responsible, and will be held to be so, for all personal injuries and/or property damage and/or losses in relation to any actions of their dog and agree to pay for any claims of compensation in relation to the dog’s activities.

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